How do I apply to IHPS’s Homestay program?

If you would like to apply for a homestay, you may apply online or download and email your completed IHPS Homestays Student Housing Application.

How soon in advance do I need to apply to the homestay program?

We recommend that you apply as soon as you know that you have been accepted to your school or work assignment. IHPS cannot guarantee housing placements for late applicants.

Do I get to choose the Host and the homestay where I will be placed?

IHPS Homestays selects a Host on your behalf. We base our selection on the information submitted on your Student Application and the information from our Hosts. We encourage students to list personal preferences on their application.

What are the fees that I need to pay?

Initially, you will need to submit your application fee and housing deposit ($375 Application and Deposit $100). If you are applying less than 2 weeks prior to arrival, you will also need to pay an additional $50 late fee.

When are the rest of my housing fees due?

The first payment is due prior to check in. Thereafter, you can choose to pay in full or every 4 or 12 weeks.

How can I pay my fees?

Credit Card, Wire transfer or International money order. Please request additional information on the method you prefer.

When will I know my Host information?

If you have applied well in advance, you will be notified of your housing placement 3-4 weeks prior to arrival. A Homestay confirmation will be emailed by our main office in Pasadena, CA. This will include a Host Profile and contact information of your new host family.

How far will my Host’s home be from my school or internship?

Most students are placed within 5 miles of campus.

If I choose the meal option initially, can I switch to the no-meal option at some point?

Yes, as long as you give a 30 days notice to your host AND to IHPS Homestays. Hosts must agree to the switch.

Can I cook in the Host’s kitchen and use their pots/pans and utensil if I choose the no-meal option?

Some hosts do allow light cooking and the use of utensils and pots and pans.

What if I do not like living in the homestay I am placed?

IHPS will make every effort to place you in a home where you will be comfortable and where you will be compatible with your host family. If needed, IHPS can replace students on a case by case basis.

What if I want to extend past my initial contract period?

All extensions must go through IHPS Homestays. Please contact us and we will then contact your host to make arrangements for your extension. A new invoice will be emailed and you will be required to submit the additional housing fees by a certain date. There are no additional fees if you would like to extend.

What happens if I want to check out of my Homestay before my initial contract period is finished?Will I be refunded my unused housing fees?

Yes, as long as you give a 30-day notice to your Host and to IHPS Homestays. Santa Monica area Participants are required to commit to housing for 3 months. Please email IHPS if you intend to move out of homestay.

How does IHPS’s billing work?

Typically, IHPS bills long-term students every 12 weeks. If you are signing up for less than 12 weeks, you will be billed for your entire stay. Students who leave a valid credit card on file may choose the 4-week billing option.

Is there an extra charge for using my credit card??

Yes. Currently it is a 3.4% processing fee.