To become an IHPS host you must meet the following criteria:

All IHPS’s Hosts and families are pre-screened and interviewed in their home to ensure quality accommodations, safe environment, and interests in hosting. The criteria to host a student is tough and not all families or Host (s) who apply are accepted. It is up to our individual Housing Coordinator to determine if each host meets the criteria to participate in our program. All Hosts are paid on a monthly basis by IHPS Homestays.



  • Host(s) must be willing to submit to a criminal background check 

  • Host(s)  must be interested in cultural exchange and willing to integrate the Participant into some of their daily and family activities

  • Host(s) must be willing to help familiarize the Participant with public transportation, show the Participant the nearest bus stop and areas of interest around town

  • Host(s) must communicate with the Participant in English only

  • Host(s)  must live near public transportation and not more than five-nine miles to Participant’s school or internship

  • Host(s) must live in a safe neighborhood/area

  • Host(s) must offer a safe and welcoming environment and also promise to treat the Participant with courtesy and respect

  • Host(s) must live in a clean home and offer clean accommodations in a private bedroom, with a bed, chair, and desk with adequate lighting

  • Host(s)  must also offer towels and linens to the Participant

  • Host(s) must carry homeowner or renters’ insurance

  • If Host does not want to offer meals, they must allow Participants to use their kitchen, and cookware to prepare their own meals. Must also offer a designated space in their refrigerator and cupboard so Participant can store their own food


Please Note

  • Although we understand that there are charges associated with hosting an individual in your home, IHPS will not accept you into our host program if we feel that this is your main objective.

  • International Housing  Placement, Inc. reserves the right to move a student from a Host’s home without further financial obligation at all times.


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If you have specific questions about our Host program, please write us an EMAIL at [email protected]